A premier IT enterprise in Asia, forging innovation and spearheading technological excellence.

HANLIAN Group, headquartered in Singapore, stands as a prominent IT enterprise, specializing in software development, game research and development, distribution, as well as technology support and consultation. Leveraging its unique innovative concepts, exceptional technological prowess, and diverse cross-cultural teams, HANLIAN Group has rapidly risen in the industry, becoming one of the frontrunners.

Vision and Mission — Cultivating Excellence, Charting the Future

HANLIAN Group envisions becoming the foremost IT development company in Asia, aiming even higher to attain global preeminence. To achieve this grand aspiration, HANLIAN Group actively recruits elite talents from around the world, forming a diversified and high-caliber team. Spanning from software engineering to game design, and from artistic creativity to artificial intelligence, the group’s team encompasses various domains, their technical prowess and innovation capabilities beyond doubt.

Game Development — Fusion of Technology and Art, Crafting Endless Enjoyment

In the domain of game development, HANLIAN Group is renowned for its exceptional game design and profound storytelling. They have crafted a series of bestselling games, spanning various genres including role-playing, strategy, and shooting, earning favor from millions of players through constant innovation. The group firmly believes that games are not just entertainment, but an art form, and they are committed to seamlessly merging art with technology to create captivating gaming experiences.

Technology Support and Consultation — Enabling Digital Transformation, Leading Business into the Future

Beyond game development, HANLIAN Group has also excelled in the field of technology support and consultation. They provide top-quality technical solutions to enterprises of all kinds, aiding clients in achieving digital transformation, enhancing business efficiency, and distinguishing themselves in the competitive market.

Social Responsibility — Driving Societal Progress through Technology

HANLIAN Group’s mission revolves around propelling societal progress through technology and innovation. Actively participating in social welfare activities, they give back to society, utilizing the power of technology to benefit a larger community. HANLIAN Group continues to challenge itself, pursuing excellence and aspiring to become a globally leading trailblazer in technological innovation, infusing fresh vitality into Asia and even the global IT and gaming industries.