Our companies

Leading the Way in Cutting-Edge Game Technology and Innovation

Based in Japan, Singularity Games is a game company under HANLIAN Group, serving as the hub of technological innovation. We embark on a continuous exploration of cutting-edge technology, driven by innovation, to lay a robust foundation for the group’s future. Our specialization lies in applying the latest technological trends, transforming them into practical solutions, and infusing new vitality into both the group and the industry.

Pioneering the Future of Gaming, Crafting Overseas Brilliance

A radiant gem under HANLIAN Group, Infinite Game captures the industry’s attention with its dedicated focus on game development. We delve deep into the path of innovation, crafting captivating gaming experiences that resonate with players worldwide on a spiritual and emotional level. We are not just creators of games; we are also ambassadors of culture, delivering unique narratives, visuals, and emotions to every corner. Committed to expanding our presence in overseas markets, we forge an unlimited future with boundless passion.

Nest of Business, Soaring with Technological Drive

Fusing the wisdom of HANLIAN Group, Ant Nest Technology specializes in the functionality and development of product commercialization. We are the architects of business, the vanguards of technology, infusing products with the essence of commerce through in-depth research and accumulation. In the realm of payments, we uphold an innovative spirit, crafting user-friendly and efficient payment experiences for merchants and users alike. From conception to realization, from idea to execution, Ant Nest Technology strides alongside the trends of commerce, propelling growth with the force of technology.

The Hardcore Guardian, Steady Innovator and Pathfinder

HANLIAN Group’s technology support company, Ancient Technology, is dedicated to handling hardcore technical challenges and providing the group with the most stable and reliable services. We possess profound technical knowledge and experience, focusing on solving complex technical challenges. We not only offer support but also provide comprehensive solutions for the group’s operations, ensuring efficient business operations. With its reliability and professionalism, Ancient Technology serves as a solid backbone for HANLIAN Group, empowering the group to achieve greater success.

Pioneer in Human-Centric AI Solutions

Superstring is a company dedicated to leveraging cutting-edge AI technology to make daily life more convenient and enriching for everyone. We focus on developing innovative AI solutions to solve complex problems and enhance user experiences. With our advanced technical expertise and extensive experience, Superstring is committed to the development and promotion of AI applications, providing users with the most reliable and efficient services.